Sewing Threads That Do Not Break And Makes Stitching Last  
About Us

Stitching that is done finely and perfectly shows the skill of the tailor and seam that is never unrolled or opened out and serves for almost a lifetime shows the quality of sewing thread. Yes, such is the power of quality sewing thread that stitches two pieces of fabrics together and suggest the quality of stitch is totally dependent on sewing thread. Anil Enterprises knows well the importance of good stitch which is why it serves as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of and quality sewing threads in Indian market. Our offered sewing threads like Hosiery Stitching Thread, Polyester Stitching Thread, and Sewing Spun Polyester Thread stitches both light and heavy in weight & thickness fabrics. For quality as well as bulk production of threads, we have invested a good amount in Indian and Imported machines. Colorfastness, durability, strength and thickness of threads matters the most while stitching any item which is why we pay special focus on these four aforesaid factors and make sure that our produced sewing threads are high in quality.

Our Clients

We get bulk orders from many companies, which are in the profession of making the following items:
  • Soft Furnishing
  • Bedding and Mattress
  • Shoes
  • Garments (Cotton, Woolen, Hosiery, Crepe..)
  • Car Seat Covers & Air Bags
  • Protective Shoes and Apparels
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Sports Equipment (Racket Covers, Football..) and many more.
Everything That Customers Needs To Know About Our Threads

Though we are a far-famed company, having long-standing in Indian market and huge customer base, we feel that modern customers needs surety and in written about the quality of threads we produce, Hosiery Stitching Thread, Polyester Stitching Thread, are two to mention. So, here are features of our offerings, which our existing customers also like about our offerings which is why they trade with us on continual basis:
  • Availability of sewing threads in more than 600 colors
  • Smooth surface and good tensile strength
  • Good elongation and less possibility of shrinkage
  • Equal lubrication aids in resistance from abrasion
  • Performs excellently when stitched manually or using machines
  • Works on all types of stitching machines, automated, semi-automatic.
Quality That Never Disappoints

At Anil Enterprises, quality has been given major importance since our formation in 1989 because it is quality that will give finish to the apparel, shoe or any other product made. So, to make different colors and dimensions of Polyester Stitching Thread, and Hosiery Stitching Thread, we use quality yarn and then die after production. Proper quality management is followed by us for quality production of sewing threads.
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